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Who is this chick?

Well, I suppose I should explain myself... Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Courtney Lorking, I’m 21 and a mother to a one year old. Wow that’s still crazy to me. The reason I decided to write a book was to help people just like me, mums who need some self-love. We are the women who put everyone in front of us when we are the ones holding it all together (But occasionally not entirely sure how we are even functioning with the amount of sleep we got last night.) I’m not the perfect mother, I don’t think there is such thing as the perfect mother because we are all human, some handle it better? Sure. But no one hits the nail on the head every damn time. I’ve had my fair share of experience with depression and anxiety, hence my passion for why this is no joke. I can’t tell you how to be a good mother, but I can sure as hell tell you to be a better woman by how to love yourself so you can be the best possible Mumma to your babies. When I was in high school, I suffered from anxiety and depression, this darkness followed me well into my young adult life coming and going as they well please. My worst hit of the two header was when I was 19, I was admitted to hospital 3 times with unsuccessful attempts of suicide. The third time I got sent to a psychiatric ward which still haunts me to this day. I have always appreciated self-love and how important it was but never as much as when I came back home. I’ve always looked after myself, but this was different, this was about being the best version of myself, FOR ME. Fast forward to being 20, I fell pregnant with my beautiful girl. My relationship wasn’t perfect, but I knew this was meant to be, I knew I could handle whatever was about to happen. I won’t go into the gritty details on what’s happened in my life because I’m not here to put anyone on blast, but nothing’s been ‘a fairy tale’ for me. After I had my daughter in Jan 2019, I felt so lost. I was always busy, juggling a few jobs and side hustles from now being a tiny person’s bitch, don’t get me wrong I was all loved up in my little bubble, but it was hard. Her father could go to work, have a life outside of being a dad and I was at home being a mum, nurse, cleaner, chef, phycologist and I wasn’t feeling appreciated (Clearly my 2-month-old couldn’t work out how to thank mummy yet, how rude!) After calling on all the self-love I’ve learnt over the years I quickly snapped out of that and learnt to love my new life as a Mumma and gained the confidence to rock it, baby in arms. Jump forward a year, I’m now a single Mumma to my stunning daughter Jordyn, the happiest I’ve been in years, if not maybe ever. The last year has been rough, being a mum, competing with the mother standards that are shoved down your throat and dealing with a breakup and finding my feet to do this all alone. I have many reasons to throw my hands up and say it’s all too hard, but I haven’t crumbled once. I wrote a book instead. I’m not saying this for you to feel sorry for me, I’m trying to gain you trust on what I know about being a mother? Not a bunch, winging it daily. But what I do know about looking after yourself even with the 25 million excuses us mummas have. Love yourself first, Mumma. The book, Available now.

You got this mumma.

Love, Court xx

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